Friday, 27 January 2012

Analysis of a music video using Mulveys Theory: Birdy "Skinny Love"

I chose to analyse this particular music video as the genre and target audience relate closely to those that Ed Sheeran is also involved with.

Mulveys Theory is not present at all in this particular music video, as the artist 'Birdy' has chosen just to have herself in this video and as she is still quite young, there is no appearance of men or the male gaze.
This music video offers shots of the artist herself, and the setting that she has chosen to film in.
The only part of Mulveys Theory that could be taken as truthful in the case of this music video would be the idea that women are objects to look at, the artist has chosen a nice outfit and has made an effort with make-up, which could be seen as appealing to a certain audience. Although due to the age of the artist, it is more so likely that this is just her everyday clothing choice, and she was keen to be herself in her music videos, similar to Ed Sheeran.

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