Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Target Audience: Survey Results

After conducting my survey i have now had a chance to analyse the results and get some ideas into what my target audience would like to see in a music video.

A Majority of the people who filled in my survey were females, which could suggest that it is mostly females who like to watch music videos. Or just that they are more willing to complete a questionnaire!

I made my Survey availiable to a variety of ages but the majority of those who answered were between the ages of 11-20. Which suggests that this is the age range that listen to music more. Keeping this in mind will persuade my video footage as i will know what sort of content to go for, nothing too young or too old.

I asked in my survey what sort of daily situation the target audience was in. Majority are still in Education so listen to music with their peers for something to discuss or talk about.

I asked in my survey what sort of fashion they have so that i could potentially dress the cast in these sorts of fashions so that my video is more likely to get watched. A majority say that they wear what they feel is comfortable, with a few saying they keep up to date with fashions and that they maintain a certain image. This suggests to me that i should dress my cast in fashionable clothes, but wearable clothes nothing too outrageous.
I asked my audience what type of films they like to watch so i could potentially include this genre into my music video. The main outcome seems to be Comedy which suggests to me that i should add an element of comedy to my music video to try and grab my audiences interest.

I asked what sort of music my audience liked to listen to, the top answers were Pop, Rock and Indie/Alternative. This will influence my decision in picking a song as i will more likyle be able to get views if it is a popular music genre.
I asked my target audience what sort of music video they liked to watch, the main answer again was comedy, or something that makes an impression.

So looking at all my results i have been interested to see what sort of thing people look for in a music video. I have decided that i should go for either an Indie/Alternative, Pop or Rock song. And that the Video should be either a comedy or something that leaves a mark on the viewer. I am appealing to mostly school children so have to have content that grabs their interest.

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