Friday, 27 January 2012

Goodwins Theory

Goodwins Theory is based on 8 key ideas

1.Links between lyrics and visuals
Goodwin suggest that visuals will relate to the lyrics that are present at the time.

2.Links between Music and visuals
He also suggests that the general mood and tempo of the music will have some relation with the visuals.

3.Genre Characteristics
He says that there are stereotypical forms and values that certain genres take, and that these are included in each video.

4.Intertextual Reference
Goodwin suggests that there are references to other mediums within music videos, wether it be a laptop showing a website or a mobile phone.

5.Notions of looking
This shows us the way that someone is seen and the gaze in which they are seen through, according to Goodwin, Women are often seen as objects.

This is when other people look at the artist or see an insight into their life.

7.Demands of the record label
The record label have the power to say what they think the artist should be represented as, so they will want shots of the artist in a certain outfit or position and this will be shown many times.

8.Performance,Narrative or concept based music videos
Goodwin says that music videos are often Narrative based and bring the music into a story like form.

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