Friday, 27 January 2012

The Music Industry: How Music Videos are made

The process starts with a song, a song is produced before a video is and this is the starting point to creating a video to attach to the song.
By using a list of characteristics and key features a general storyboard will be made about how and what will be shot and when. Both the artist and company producers/directors will meet to talk about what the video should involve and how the artist should come across in the video.
Once all frames are shot video editors cut and edit the clips to make it into a final video, when editing they will keep in mind the tempo of the music and also the general narrative or ideas that the artist and producers want.

Companys that produce music videos
There are many companys that make music videos, a few England based companys include, Happyhour productions, Scopitone and Annex. There are many different companys and also independent directors that are hired depending on the style that the music agency and artist want.

Where can you find music videos?
There are hundreds of sites that stream music videos, one of the most popular is youtube, but there are many such as vimeo, muzu and vevo. Music videos can also be bought on itunes, or seen on music channels such as MTV or 4Music.

What is the purpose of music videos?
The purpose of music videos is to promote the band, make the song stick in the viewers head or to let them keep up with the style or situation of the artist. But the main purpose is financial, getting the record company and artist money.

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