Monday, 13 February 2012

Production: Structure of Music Video

The Structure of my music video includes two seperate sections, the first I refer to as the 'Real Life' section and the second the 'Dream' section.

The sections tend to be one after the other, occasionally there will be multiple sections but most of the time they are every other clip.

The 'Real Life' sections are in full colour, this is to make it look as real as possible so that the viewer understands that what they are seeing is a naturalistic scene and what is actually happening in the persons life.

The 'Dream' sections are in black and white and are most often sections of dance, this is to show that they are surreal. It is what the person is wanting to happen, and what they are imagining time together would be like.

At the end of the video the shot changes from colour to black and white, I did this to end the video on a high note and almost say that the dream has become a reality.

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