Monday, 13 February 2012

Production: Editing Process

The editing in my music video was fairly basic, Following my proposed image of the product as a whole I didnt want anything fancy that would take away from the storyline of the piece. This meant that my editing process consisted mostly of cutting and ordering clips and basic colour changes.
The chorus of the song is repeated, and I was keen to have some sort of noticeable repitition within the actual video. I chose a certain dance section which fits with the chorus, and got my actors to dance it in different locations, using this footage for the various chorus' within the song.

I decided to use Windows Movie Maker as this is the easiest software format to be able to cut and paste clips.
After converting all of the video files into a WMM readable format I began to order them in a way that would tell a typical base of a romantic story, making sure that I looked into continuity closely where possible.
I also have a couple of short stop motion sections within my music video, I did this by taking a set of images whilst an action was being performed. Due to the way I took images as the actor was moving a few of the images have a blurred hand or item within them, making the overall section look like it is a video clip that is slightly lagging. If I had the equipment available to me and a larger time period I would of made this particular bit of editing better.

The editing process took a few weeks of work, sorting, cutting and pasting over 60 different video clips. I didnt find many problems with this process it was just a process of concentration and watching the clips over and over again, finding moments in the music when it would be appropriate for certain clips.

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