Friday, 23 March 2012

Coursework: DigiPak Front Cover

To acompany our music video we had to create a digipak and advertisment to promote the song and music video.

I started off by looking at the specifications of a digipak, i came across many examples and used these to help me to get the basic outline of what a digipak should include.

I looked at this particular digipak and noted that only really the front and back panels have information and writing on them. I decided to incorporate this into my design only supplying information on the front and back covers and having pictures from the video itself on the other pages.

I started by creating my front cover, I wanted to keep my whole digipak design in a minimalist style as this was relelvant to Ed Sheeran and his brand, he is simply a man and his music which is something i was keen to encode in my overall design.

I liked the idea of silhouetted figures and faces, and took inspiration from the iconic picture of Jimi Hendrix.

This helped me to create my front cover design, something minimal which i feel would stand out to a customer and my target age range. Of course Jimi Hendrix comes with a tagline of a bad boy image, drugs, sex and rock and roll, this is not like Ed Sheeran at all so when making the image I had to make sure I took this away from it and portrayed Ed Sheerans brand.
You can tell that this is Ed Sheeran and by being so simple it would have a stand out appeal to a customer.

Ed Sheeran is stareing straight into the camera which gives a more intimate and innocent vibe as apose to Jimi Hendrix slightly lifted chin stance which comes across as more defiant and tough. This is what breaks Ed Sheeran away from the drug, alcohol abuse tag which comes with reference to Jimi Hendrix, and makes his real, simple brand image come across to the audience.

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