Friday, 23 March 2012

Coursework: DigiPak BackCover

After making the Front Cover i started to focus on the back cover, i came up with the idea of using the back of Ed Sheeran so it was like he was part of the Digipak, wether you view him from the front or behind.

I took the original front silhouette and blackened the insides and flipped it to create the illusion that it was the back of him. I knew that this needed to include the name of the single so that the target audience knew what they were buying.

I decided to use a small bit of colour in this back cover, i used red lips in the shape of the name of the song to tye in to the name 'Kiss Me' and also stand out to the audience.

Again this design is simple but has an appealingness and a sense of relation to the Ed Sheeran himself. I could of put lots of fancy lights and views and object on this back cover but decided to make it comparible with Ed Sheerans brand.

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