Friday, 23 March 2012

Coursework: Advertisement

After creating the Digipak I moved on to creating my Advertisement, sticking to the minimalist and simple theme i decided to create something that would stand out to anyone that would pass by it, or come across in a magazine. I feel it would make the viewer stop and look at the page.

This is my final Advertisement to accompany my single, I decided to put an iTunes logo on it because in this current age Itunes plays a big part in where people get their music from. So therefore it would appeal to my Younger Target Audience if it was accesible on Itunes. I used the front cover design and encorporated the 'kiss me' lipstick mark on his cheek. I was keen to make sure that both the advertisement and digipak were relevant to each other which is why they are all in the same minimalist design.

The wall beneath Ed Sheeran and the Itunes logo tyes the advertisement in with the music video, as there are various sections that are seen standing infront of a wall. A wall is something that isnt too fancy and can relate to the every day person in every day street situations. I added another lipstick kiss to make sure that the audience would be sure of what song this was Advertising and it would be iconic for the viewer.

I also included a url to Ed Sheerans website, as his management company would want him to be linking everything he does together. And there are many opportunitys to earn money on his website through merchandise.

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